Help with Einstein Sweater please

Hi! This is my first sweater! I visited my local knit shop today and bought a skein of yarn and size 10 circular needles to start. I plan on buying the buy (19.95 ) and the rest of the yarn I need on Superbowl sunday as they are having a special sale!

anyway…can someone pls confirm that I cast on 56 stitches to start ? and how many rows do I do? just to get started before Sunday! I think it said 100 rows! wow…is that correct? thanks so much!


I’ve made one of these before but got the pattern at the library so I can’t help you. But you probably need to tell us which size you are making so if someone does own the book they can look it up.

Thanks! Merigoldin WA!!! See, I am learning! I am a size 10 and like things generous…so they said (at the shop today) to try a size 42…does that sound right?

You mean one with a 42" finished chest size? Should be plenty generous. I hope someone can help you out.

Yes!!! : - ) The knit store (Cloverhill Yarns in Maryland) is having a knit a long…I just missed the first session…so I want to work on it over this weekend and than next weekend I can stop in and get some help. Of course, I am anxious to get started!!! : - ) thanks again for your help!

Lynn,which one are you working on?

If it’s the one on page 82 , you cast on 56 sts for women.56 sts for Touch Me Only

Page 90 ‘Not So Warm Coat’ cast on 72 sts.ridges depend on size you choose.


for lower body

Thank you very much! I ended up calling the store this morning…I had to rip everything out! ugh…as I did not “slip” the first stitch…which I guess is important? anyway…I cast on 56 stitches and am knitting away now!!! I will buy my book tomorrow. I actually went to the library and checked out her volumes 2 and 3…I was just going to look at the book at the library as this first sweater is costing a mint! HA but I guess it’s a good investment…they are having a special superbowl sale tomorrow and I can get it for 15% off plus I think it was a little less already from the list price. It’s a really nice store and they have been very helpful to me so I feel it’s good to support them

I saw that you were making this sweater too…have you finished it yet?

my husband is out of town for work so I thought I would “dig in” and get started while he is away.

thanks so much for reaching out to me!!! : - ) Lynn

Try this link they have her book for $9.97

Type her book into the search.

I am only on the ridge 100 on the lower body.Sally Melville is on Ravelry and she is very helpful with answering questions for anyone that is working on her patterns. There is a whole forum there called the ‘Sally Melville Fans’ I think the site is pretty slow myself. It seems to take days before someone replies to a question or call for help.

I prefer this forum. Everyone is so helpful here and very quick to respond when you need knitting help.