Help with Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettug & Knitbot

The last row I’ve completed was “Decrease Row (RS)”. Ready to go to the next step: Work in St st for 1”. St st = knit 1 row & purl 1 row …


Do I purl the 1st row rather than knit in the St st since I’m ready to work the WS? And if gauge was 26 rows in 4”, estimate there would be 6 rows in an inch? Thinking of placing some safety pins to keep track of an INCH of St st?


If you are on the WS working Stockinette, yes, you will purl.
I’d mark the start so I could easily measure an inch. Assuming I remembered to do it. Good thinking!

Make sure you’re knitting on the side that looks flat like V’s and purling on the bumpy side. I’m mentioning this because occasionally a pattern will have you working the sides differently.

Thanks, GrumpyGramma & Jan in CA … can’t wait to get to work!