Help with earflaps of hat pattern


I am trying to knit the Vinter Lue hat pattern from this site: . For the earflaps it says to cast on 41st and then knit with decreases until it reaches 3 st. This comes to about 12’ by 12’r so (with gauge 14/ to 4" with bulky yarn). The ear flap is about one half the size of a hat! Then I am to knit another! The add on 50 more stitches to knit the body. Any help with understanding this pattern would be appreciated.

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I think I figured it out… you pick up the 15 sts along the [I][U]edge[/U][/I] of the rows, not the top where you cast them on. So knit the flaps, then cast on 25 sts, turn the first flap on its side and pick up 15 sts, co another 15, pick up from the side of the 2nd flap.

Yes, I agree that the pattern wants you to pick up the side stitiches of the flap (as stated in the second part), but there is no way the flap in the picture is made of original 41 stitches. Here is the portion in question: [I]Earflap
CO 41 sts with CC on #8/5mm needles [either use straights or circular needle knitting back and forth].
Row 1: k with CC, break off CC.
Join color MC.
Row 2: k 18, ssk, k1tbl, k2tog, k18.
Row 3: k 17, ssk, k1tbl, k2tog, k17.
Row 4: k 16, ssk, k1tbl, k2tog, k16.
Continue in this manner, working one less stitch on either side of double decrease and knitting the center stitch through the back loop until 3 sts remain.
BO stitches.
Make second ear flap the same.[/I]

I also don’t see in the CC that is in rows 1-2, unless it has something to do with knitting the edge of the earflap and the front brim edge first and then going on from there? Maybe this pattern is [B]too[/B] intermediate for me…

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the CC is the cast on and row 1 - that makes the 2 sides of the flap. You can see the white stripe in the photo. Then you are decreasing in the middle of every row, thus pulling the shape into the triangle of the flap. The ends of rows, on each side, get closer and closer together, with the 3 bind off stitches at the middle.

Yes, you cast on 41 sts, that forms the side edges where the white stripe is. Then you do double decreases in the center of the rows to make a triangular piece. The decreases make it like a V where the 2 sides of it are the cast on row. I’d just follow the directions and work with it and it’ll come out right.