Help with Earflap hat please

being a big fan of earflap hats…i decided to knit one for myself. i successfully completed the hat and the first earflap, but am now at the part of braiding the cord for the earflap strings. i cast the earflap down to one stitch like the pattern called for and tied a knot, still leaving the string…however i am stuck on the next part. the pattern calls for the other colors i used for the hat to be cut into the same lengths and weaved into the hat. [B] “Cut LONG strings in all 7 colors and attach them like a tassel. Braid and tie them off. (Including the string from knitting the ear flap.)”[/B] I watched some YouTube on this, but don’t want to mess it up as it is my pride and joy right now. what is the easiest way to attach these without it all coming apart??? thanks for any help!!!

Take a crochet hook and pull them through the last/bottom stitch on the flap, I think. If you don’t have a hook, thread them on a tapestry needle through that stitch. Make them twice as long as the leftover string so you’ve got each of them half on one side, half on the other.