Help with ear flap hat pattern

Hi, I’m starting the textured ear flap hat in 60 more quick knits but I can’t figure out the increase rows and how to work increase stitches into pattern. Below I’ll post the instructions.

How do I do the increases? I start with 14 stitches and the set up row is not labeled row 1, so the way I read it I’m on row 3 when I increase and do the increases in purl. But then it says to repeat increase row every alternate 4th and 2nd row. Can anyone explain this to me in an easier to understand way? Thanks!

Call the increase row, row 3. Then you would increase at each end of rows 3,7,9,13,15, and 19.
In order to stay in pattern, work the increase at each end. On the next row, look at the pattern in the preceding rows and in the body of the earflap so far. You’ll be reading your knitting. Figure out how to work the extra stitch so that the pattern will continue for the body of the piece. It helps to count backwards from the middle of the knitting to figure out what to do with the increased stitch, especially at the beginning of the row.

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Thank you so much! This explanation clicked for me and I was able to figure it out. Once I looked at the pattern with this in mind, I was able to figure out that the increases worked better as row 4 and I’m now increased to 72 stitches from original 14 and pattern looks correct. I’m not quite sure how to do the final finishing steps so may post a follow up question. But thank you again!

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