Help with Drops pattern

These slippers are the Celtic dancer slippers using drops Nepal.

The pattern starts out on straight needles then changes to double points. Reading through the pattern until you get to when piece measures 11 1/2 cm work as followsRS P4, A.3, 13 sets moss st., A.1, P4, cast on 4 new sets, work the first 4 sts round beginning here = 41 sts. Now work piece in the round. Work piece as before but now work A.2(12sts) over the 4 p sets in each side and the 4 new sets.
You will have to have a look at the pattern but let me see if I can try to explain my problem.
When I cast on my 4 new sts. at the end of a right side row how do I go about kniitng in the round? Do I just transfer everything to double points. I can’t figure out where I should join and after I join where I should start in the pattern again.
I know this is probably confusing but I just can’t seem to go from knitting flat to double points


Cast on the 4 new sts, then join to the first 4 purl sts and work the those 4 purl sts and place a marker. This will be the new beginning of round. From now on the last 4 purls, the newly cast on 4sts and the first 4 purls will be worked in the A.2 chart.

I agree, transfer to dpns either before or after you cast on the 4 new sts. Probably I’d go with before doing the cast on.

I would continue the old pattern around and when you come to 12 sts before the new end of round marker, start the A.2 chart.

So, if I got this correct, there will be a stitch marker between the new 4 sts and the last 4?

Sorry, just tried this and when I transferred to my double points the yarn is on the left needle and I can’t join. What am I doing wrong. This is so frustrating. I know I am just doing something stupid.

The marker should be between the p4-new 4sts-p4 and the next chart, the A.3.
With the RS facing you, you’ve just come to the end of the row with the yarn coming off the right needle. Transfer to dpns. Start with the beginning of the row, the p4 on dpn 1 and transfer sts to dpns 2 and 3. (If you can’t do this then start with the p4 at the [I][I]end[/I][/I] of the row, call this needle 3 and proceed to needles 2 and then 1).The yarn should still be coming off the 3rd of the dpns ready to cast on the 4 new sts. Cast on the 4sts, join to needle 1 to work in the round. P4 and place the marker then continue with A.3.

OK, so when I start in the round at A3 is this a right side or wrong side row?

You’ll always be knitting on the right side when you knit in the round. Start with the first row and call that a RS row.
I know this all sounds complicated but I think if you can start the first round, it’ll fall into place. Maybe trying a swatch with a few rows and then the cast on of 4sts will make it easier to do.

Thank you for all your help and patience. It is all starting to come together

So, I’ve completed everything up to the decreases. Pattern says to work A.3 (Which is the beginning of the round) but insert 1st marker between 1st and 2nd st. And 2nd marker between 7th and 8th st. And the same for A.1
Now decrease for toe. Dec. 1 stitch before 1st and 3rd marker and 1 stitch after 2nd and 4th marker. My question is how do you knit 2 tog. When there is only one stitch before the first marker? The key tells you to k2tog to decrease before a stitch


You’ll have to include one of the sts from the previous round. So don’t knit the last stitch of the round, instead, k2tog with the stitch before the first marker.

Thank you so much.