Help with DROPS Pattern please

Hello everyone I was wondering if you could help me with the following pattern please.

Calgary by drops design, I’m sorry I can’t post links but you can find it by searching it on google.

I don’t understand the charts at all. I can do the pattern up to ROW 6 but then when I try to use the chart it ends up looking nothing like the photo.

Could someone be able to write maybe rows 7-20 of the pattern to try and help me understand it, I really want to make this for my sister.

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Are you reading the chart starting from the bottom right corner, right to left repeating across the row? Then at the end of the row, turn and on the chart, go on to the next row up and read from left to right.
If not, try that out on a swatch to see if you get the look of the photo.

Hi yes I have but it just doesn’t seem to come out right. I’ve just completed an Estonia lace shawl from a chart with over 1000 stitches in the chart so I thought this would be easy haha.

Hmm. Is it the placement of the yarn overs or the garter stitch rows that don’t look right?

Yes, I would have thought that after Estonian lace, this would be a walk in the park. Estonian lace is so lovely.

I can try out the chart but it looks right to me.

I know hehe, I’m only a 20 year old male but love lace. on row 9 there ends up being 8 workable stitches for A1/A2 and A1/A2 are 6 stitches wide?

At row 9 (which is a repeat of row 7) I would K1 and then start chart A.1 and work the repeats until there aren’t enough sts for a full repeat, then knit to the center k2. That’ll tell you how many sts to work plain after the marker and before starting A.2 if you want to keep the pattern ~ symmetrical.

I think you can see that in the photo. There are some rows that end near an eyelet at the mid sts and some that don’t.

I think I will do more of the pattern and see how it turns out haha

For the A1/A2 there is a double yarn over twice per six stitches, but looking at the picture it looks only 1 double yarn over per six stitches.

I don’t have great resolution but it seems like two sts between yo’s. Try it on a swatch and see what you think.

I tried a swatch but i’m not getting the diagonal garter stitch :frowning:

Hm, I’ll give it a try.

Thank you that would be great! I’d be most grateful if you helped me make it work, eternally grateful to you :slight_smile:

Row 6 on the charts should be knit from the WS. Did you do that? That’ll start the garter ridge. Row 7 is knit on the RS and row 8 is again knit on the WS.

The second row in the chart is row 8 right? and it says purl on the wrong side?

If you number the chart from bottom to top,
row 1 is K on RS
row 2 is P on WS
row 3 is the double yo, dec
row 4 is P on WS
row 5 is K on RS
row 6 is K on WS
row 7 is K on RS
row 8 is K on WS (this is the top row)

Oh, I’m so sorry! I have understood the chart from the beginning! But I thought the shawl was being knit from the bottom to the top! It has just clicked it’s being knit from the top to the bottom!

Corrected: Yes, you’re knitting from long side that goes across the back and shoulders to the point.
(I had that wrong initially. Sorry about that.)