Help with Drops 63-5 pattern


Below are instructions from the pattern:
Raglan shaping: Decrease only from the right side.
Dec 2 sts as follows:
After edge sts: Put 1 st on a cable needle behind the work, K 3 tog, K 1 from the cable needle.
Before the edge st: Put 3 sts on a st holder in front of the work, K 1, knit sts from the cable needle: slip 1, K 2 tog into back of st, psso.
Dec 3 sts as follows:
After the edge sts: Put 1 st on a cable needle behind the work, K 4 tog, K 1 from the cable needle.
Before the edge sts: Put 4 sts on a cable needle in front of the work, K 1, knit sts from the cable needle as follows: slip 1, K 3 sts into back of st, psso.

Dec for raglan inside 4 edge sts (which are knit in stockinette st) every 2 cm [0.75"]: 2 sts 4-3 (1-1) times, 3 sts 7-9 (11-12) times - see Raglan shaping note above!

My question: When are the decreases done? After knitting 4 stitches at the right end, and before 4 knit stitches at the left end? Another words, should there be 4 knit stitches before and after the decreases on each end? Thank you!


Yes, there should be 4 sts at the beginning of the row before the raglan dec and 4sts at the end of the row after the raglan dec.
These edge sts are worked in stockinette.


Thank you much!


I think there’s a problem with the pattern’s calculations… Based on the instructions, when the work measures 17.75" - 18-1/8" (18.5" - 19.75" for the different sizes, the decreases should be made 0.75" apart from each other. After the 9 decreases
(2 sts 4-3 (1-1) times, 3 sts 7-9 (11-12) times ), the work should measure less than 22-7/8" - 23-5/8" (24-3/8" - 25-5/8" for the respective sizes. Here’s the problem is. When all the decreases are made, the work measures way more than what is should be. For 0.75", I was decreasing on the 4th row, and since the work was way too long, I started decreasing every other row, but that makes the work buckle at the decreases area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you, Nancy


It sounds like you’re making the second size. When the work measures 23 5/8", you’ll work the center bind off for the zipper but the raglan decreases won’t be finished yet. The raglan decreases continue until the work measures 27 5/8". That’s when you should be close to 4sts remaining on each side.

The pattern is lacking a row gauge which would help you to determine how frequently to decrease. This is an error on the part of the designer, especially for a raglan sweater.


Yes, I’m making the second size.
I understand the decreases. Raglan’s edge decreases (along the sleeve line) end at 23 5/8". After 26", the decreases on the neck/zipper edges are made which brings the count to 4 stitches remaining per side.
My inquiry was about the way the work lays out at the edges (along the sleeve line) due to the 2 & 3 stitches decreases. The edges are not smooth. They are somewhat curved and sort of buckled, but I guess that’s the way it’s got to be… Wish I had a better pattern for men raglan with a neck zipper… Thank you for the reply.


Knitting 3 or 4sts together is going to be somewhat bulky. Some of that ripple or buckle may ease up when you wash the sweater. Wool often seems to relax and even out. Blocking may help too.


Thank you!