Help with double pointed needle project

I’m embarking on my first dpn project. It is an afgan that is constructed in squares. My problem is not in using dpn as I have practiced the technique. This pattern calls for casting three stitches on each of four needles to start the center of a square. I cannot seem to start off using so few stitches. Everything gets tangled and I cannot accomplish even one round. I seem able to manage even five stitches per needle. What is happening? Why is it so difficult to manage with three? Very frustrated. Thanks for any help you can give.

PS This is my first post to any forum anywhere, anytime. I am not very computer savvy to say the least.
Thanks again.

Could you try starting with 4 stitches on 3 needles and then switching to 4 needles after you increase the number of stitches? It’s hard when you have so few stitches, the needles want to slide out.

Exactly what I do. :wink:

I co sts to one needle, then put half on another and use a 3rd needle to knit with. After several rounds and an increase in stitches, it’s easier to add the 4th (and 5th if you use it) needle and rearrange the sts.