Help with Double Knitting

I’m knitting my first double-sided scarf in stockinette. I’m not patterning with colors, just striping. Because the stripes are pretty wide, I wasn’t going to carry the different yarns along. So my first question is, how do you sew in ends when you double knit? Both sides look nice and so there doesn’t seem to be a place to sew in the ends.

My second question is how to get a nice edge to the fabric. My last stitch is loose on each side. I don’t think you can do a slip stitch on the end because you’re already slipping the first stitch on the opposite side, so it would never be worked.

Should I instead, just be knitting in the round and then blocking the scarf flat? The reason I decided not to do that is because it’s not large enough for a 16" needle and DPN’s are slow for me.

It should work out. You do slip the last stich if you knit the first st on the next side, check your number of sts. I guess you’ll have to deal with the ends as you go along; switch colors, then knit several rows and weave in the ends.

As for the loose ends, I prefer to crochet an edge around the finished scarf to hide those loose stitches.

And for the ends, with double knitting, I like to hide the ends inside the double knitted item. Just make sure it doesn’t come loose by wrapping it around a stitch a few times or something like that.

Oh, and you can knit in the round with the 16 needle, with the magic loop technique.

I second stuff the ends in the middle.

The ends won’t show because they are inside the tube so I wouldn’t worry about them unless you think they might come loose. The only ends you should have is when you have to add a new skein anyway usually.

She plans on making wide stripes, so there will be quite a few ends to deal with. But I agree they’ll be inside and won’t show through.