Help with doll cardigan pattern - stitches facing wrong way

Hi All,

I’m new! Thanks for having me.

I’m knitting the Februrary Doll Sweater. Pattern here:

I have successfully made it to the ‘Body’ section, where the first instruction is ‘Row 1: With RS facing, slip sts and marker from Left Front st holder onto needle and work across in Gull Pattern.’ I’m stuck! I No matter what I do I can’t get the stitches back on the needle with the RS facing so that I can work out towards the edge of the cardigan.

To go out towards the edge, I have the WS facing. If I put the stitches on a circular needle I can have the RS facing, but am working towards the middle.

(And with all the messing about from needle to needle and undoing of mistake rows trying to work this out, I’ve lost a stitch so my pattern’s not going to work anyway! Feeling very frustrated! Already ripped this whole thing out twice and do not want to do it again!)

Not sure if any of that makes sense, but in case it does, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my frustrated ramblings!


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It may be that the conventions for right and left front are different for doll clothes but, to me, it seems that the pattern switches which is the left and right fronts when it comes to the body.
You’re worked across the RS row of one front in order to work sleeve one and then across the back to work to sleeve two. The other front hasn’t been worked yet. It still needs a RS row as it’s sitting on a holder with the last row worked being a WS row. That’s the front you want to place on the needle and begin working a RS row starting at the armhole and working toward the front garter stitch border.
See if you can find the dropped stitch since it will throw off the pattern alignment if it’s missing. Once you get all the sts off the holders and onto a needle, it may be easier to spot.

Thank you! That will work!

I could kiss you - this has been driving me batty!

And yes, got to find that stitch. I think I’ve somehow lost a yo on the left front (the real left front, not the pretend one in this pattern, rather than dropped a stitch.

Thank you so very much.