Help with doing a craft show? display ideas?

Hi! I’m going to start or at least try selling my stuff at this greenmarket on Sundays here in New York. (I said craft show but it’s a greenmarket with lots of craft vendors.) Um, so, I have a bunch of hats and scarves and they can’t all just lay on the table, that’s a real mishmash.

when I did this one craft show upstate I had this big wire garden thingy I converted, everything hung on it just fine but I can’t use that here. They only give you a table space. I thought maybe someone here has done some shows or has ideas from what they saw somewhere. Can’t spend bunches of $ on fancy stands you buy. One idea on a google search said (if you are in a tent) take a rope ladder and hang it, ha, and hang your stuff from the rungs. Good idea but I’m not in a tent!

hm. any ideas will be appreciated!

I wouldn’t say for ALL your displays, but maybe a few could go up on coat trees.I see those all the time for 5-10 bucks at the thrift store.We have a lot of thrift stores around here though.I would also try looking on Craigslist. For more ideas, it would be good to search their free section.People give stuff away all the time.You could even get yourself some free drawers and just open the drawers up like stairs to display.

edit: Thrift stores also have a LOT of baskets.People get them as gift baskets or for Easter and have nothing to do with them afterward.Could be kind of cute to put a bunch of stuff in them, but I would maybe kind of line them so the yarn doesn’t catch on everything.I made the last one I bought into a cat bed.Only cost me a dollar.

[How about a manequin head – with the hat and scarf on – you can stack empty boxes – and cover with fabric to give your table dimension

What about some wicker baskets? You could arrange the hats in the baskets, and place the scarves next to the baskets.

Good luck! Hope you make some money!

The picture frame in MelMac’s avatar made me think of this: Get a couple large frames, screw in some small hooks on the inside edge across the top and hang hats/scarfs from them.

Whoops, didn’t get back here til today! OH my gosh! Those are some great ideas! meowmeow… super ideas, I never knew they gave away, or had a free section. Will check it out immediately!

I love the drawers idea and yeah, I have some wicker baskets around. I’d love to do a coat tree if I can find one, I think they would let me squeeze that in. It’s a specific measured space so I have to be careful. That picture frame idea is funny! Turns out I have a couple of empty picture frames. Not sure how I could prop it up though. It’s tough dealing with just a [B]table. [/B]I love the ideas though and it really helps. THANKS AGAIN LADIES!