Help with dividing for vee neck!

Hi, id be so grateful if anyone out there can help me knit my baby sweateer, im up to the “divide for vee neck” and having trouble understanding the pattern - its the first I’ve ever done and I don’t know what to do! Here is what it says:

Divide for vee neck- next row patt 2tog, patt 40, turn.
*** cont on these 41 sts.
Dec at armhole edge in foll alt rows 20 times, then in every row 1 time, AT SAME TIME dec at neck edge in alt rows 18 times…2 sts. Work 0 rows.

Next row: k2tog. Fasten off ***
slip next 2 sts onto stitch holder and leave.
Join yarn to rem sts and patt to last 2 sts, patt 2tog.
Rep from *** to ***

That is the whole instruction for the divide for v neck, I’ve done so well up to here but I really don’t know what this all means. If anyone can break it down for me that would be amazing!!! Thanks for your help :cheering:

You proably have ~86sts for the front. Now you’re going to work on half of them for the left side of the sweater. Work 2sts together in pattern (either k2tog or p2tog), work the next 40 sts and turn as you would at the end of a row. Leave the other ~44sts on the needle and don’t worry about them. You’ll get to them later.
Now you’re going to work the V neck and the armhole at the same time. On every front side row decrease one st at the armhole edge at the beginning of the right side row, 20 times and then decrease again on the next row. On the neck edge decrease one st at the beginning of the wrong side row 18 times.
It helps to write out these rows one by one and check them off as you do the armhole decrease and the neck decrease.
When you finish the decreases you’ll have 2sts left. K2tog and thread the yarn end through the remaining st.
Put the next 2 sts from the left needle onto stitch holder (center sts) and leave.
Now you’re going to do the same thing on the right side of the front.

Thanks so much for your help. Just one question how can you tell from reading the pattern that you decrease on every front side row one sts at armhole edge beg on right side & neck edge Dec one sts at beg wrong side row - I see how what the pattern is saying but I don’t see how to read it so you know to do it on ws / rs - does that make sense ? To me I would understand it as saying decrease one sts at armhole edge every other row 20 times while decreases at neck edge every other row 18 times ?

You understand it correctly. That’s exactly what the pattern is telling you. You can actually do both decreases on the same rs rows since they’re only one st each (a k2tog or p2tog). I started out not realizing each decrease was a single st and assuming that the best place to bind off more than one st is at the beginning of the row (therefore, rs/ws).
Sounds like a cure baby sweater. Post a picture of the finished sweater if you can. It’ll be fun to see it.

Most patterns do the decs on the RS when they say to do them every other row. If it says to do them every row, then you’d be doing them on both sides. When you see ‘dec at armhole edge’ for the first time, that would indicate you’re at the beginning of a RS row.