Help with discloth

Hello all… I was doing this pattern from another thread

Thought it would be an easy one… till I tried it… since I’m new, and I dont’ sometimes understand the patterns is this how it works?

I got the cast one and the K4… but row two is where I get messed up

K2, YO, Knit till end of row

Okay is this for every frow… so for row2 it would be k2, yo, k2 right…
Then row3 k2, YO, k3…
and so on…

The problem I Was having is with the YO where it just wasn’t working out too well… course I Could have been doing that wrong, since it was a new stich for me… :slight_smile:

Just curious if I was reading the pattern right.


You are definitely reading the pattern right, Dave…

Did you see Amy’s video on the YO increase? Its really clear!

I’ve not had the time to watch it yet… :slight_smile: I know it’s there… :slight_smile: And I know that I NEED to watch it laughs I Thought I’d be able to do it from the picture in my “26 knitting stiches and basics” but… those pictures sometimes aren’t clear with all those darned arrows

Thanks KellyK… I was just making sure I was reading it correctly


I just CANT learn from knitting books…I need to see the motion.

[size=6]Get yer butt over to that video, Dave!! [/size] :mad:
(tough love)

:lol: Ummmm OKIE :slight_smile:

Salutes Yes ma’am :slight_smile:

Okay watched the video… seems like I may have been doing the YO wrong… I dunno now I’ve watched it twice and can’t remember it laughs Gotta try it

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Where’s a good saluting emoticon when you need one?

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Just stuck… ya know

Okie… doing good…

Now my question is… the instructions say… after you got the 44 stiches on the needle

Knit 1, Knit 2 Tog, YO, Knit 2 Tog, knit to end of row (repeat)

Tell me if I understand this right… the K2TOG is to decrease right… And the YO is to keep that border going… what’s the K2TOG again for? Why are they doing to decreases per row? OR am I not understanding right…


You are doing GREAT! Im glad my touch love worked. :wink:

OK - during the 1st part of the pattern, you are YOing to form the pattern AND to increase 1 st every row…

When you start with the DECREASES, if you just YOed and then K2tog only ONCE, you would have the SAME no of sts on the needle, so the 2nd K2tog is to actually decrease the row.

Ahhhhhhhhhh… make sense…


touch love

Somehow I think my wife would take offense :roflhard:

:oops: OOPS!! that should have been TOUGH, Mrs. Dave!! :oops:

if you just YOed and then K2tog only ONCE, you would have the SAME no of sts on the needle, so the 2nd K2tog is to actually decrease the row.

and the YO is to keep the decorative hole going all the way around…the first half is for the increase, the second half is for decoration.

so what kellyk said…

in the decreases

k2 (your border)
k2 tog (decrease)
YO (decoration)
K2 (to compensate for the increase)

ack…kids fighting in the tub…NOT a good thing…they are old enough to know better…grrrr…