Help with directions please

Hello! I am woring on True Colors Zip-up out of Hip Knits (Better Home & Gardens) and there is a rib pattern I don’t ungerstand. Here it is:
Row 1 (RS)-Knit
Row 2 P1; (k1B, k1B, p1)across

The part I don’t get is the k1B. The explanation is “Knit into next stitch, one row below, at the same time, slip off stitch above”. I have no idea what that means. Thanks for any help.

Hi, Amy has a good video demonstrating how to work that stitch.
Just scroll down to find K1B. Good luck and happy knitting!

Thanks Peg, but I checked that out before I posted this and the explanation in my instructions do not seem to be close to what Amy demonstrates. Do you think the written instructions are just written difficult, but actually just mean knit in the back loop?

Knit into next stitch, one row below, at the same time, slip off stitch above

Amy’s video for k 1 b shows exactly what your instructions say to do (as Peg has already said). In the video Amy slips her right needle tip into the stitch one row below the next stitch on the left needle, knits it and slips that whole thing (knit-into loop + loop above) off the left needle. It’s exactly what your instructions are describing. :wink:

Thank you both so much! That confused me quite a bit.

slip off stitch above

Feeling more confident now that Salsa has chimed in. :lol:
I believe the instructions are describing exactly what Amy is demonstrating in the video.
You could try it out on some practice yarn first.