Help with directions, please

I am doing a slouchy coverup. I am starting to shape sleeve and I have 86 sts on my needle and it reads "Inc 1 st at each end of next and following 5 alt rows until I have 98 sts. So on my first row which is a K, inc at each end (88 sts) Next row would be P, then K, then P, then K. Next row is my 6th, I then increase at both ends again? I guess what I am asking is is the increase comes on the 6th row?
Also until Ihave 98 sts. that would be my last inc row and then I continue on with the pattern?

Thanks in advance. I hope I made it clear enough.

If I’m reading correctly, your “next row” which you noted is a K row, you will increase a stitch at each end to take you to 88 sts. If doing stockingnette st where you purl a row, knit a row, etc. Then you will purl the next row (after your first increase row) and NOT make any increases. On your next K row you will increase again as previously done. Purl the next row, on next knit row you will again increase… Basically you will increase on your FIRST knit row and then the next five knit rows (which are your alternate rows). Hope that helps… I’m sure someone will come on here to comment on/correct what I’ve written.

Best of luck to you!

That’s how I read it too. They mean increase every 5 rows.

Astonh is correct. If I am reading the instructions correctly, which I am pretty sure I am, you would increase on your first knit row and every knit row after that, five times.

Alt(ernate) row is every other row. So you inc on the knit rows until you have 98 sts.

That is how I read it but the sweater would be too short. It is a Rowan pattern and I started with the back with 86 sts. I worked 4 rows with a garter and then stockinette until it measured 10 1/2 inches. Now I am starting the cap sleeves which said “Inc 1 st at each end of next and foll 5 alt rows to get 98 sts.”

Then after that you probably knit straight for a while…?