Help with diamond patterns and turns

I am almost done with a lace jacket but I am stumped with this row worked in a diamond pattern. I have 120 stitches on the needles and I need to work the diamond pattern 12 times using the following *[Kfb, k3, ssk, turn, sl 1, k4] 3 times, kfb, k3, ssk; rep from *. I am getting confused over the turn. Once I turn and start back in the other direction I run out of stitches. Is it understood that I turn again after the k4]. What am I missing because this is not working out. If someone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Can you post a link to the pattern? Is the line you’ve quoted the entire row?

Let’s break it down into smaller parts and see how that works out –

*[Kfb, k3, ssk, - that starts with 6 sts and you end up with 6

turn, sl 1, k4] - that uses 5 of the 6 sts.

do that 3 times, it doesn’t say to turn so I don’t think you turn after the k4. Repeat everything in the [] 3 times. So then you do the next 6 sts, turn and work 5 over that, work 6 sts, turn and work 5 sts. Then it’s " kfb, k3, ssk;" that’s over the next 6 sts, and then you repeat from * which is the beginning of this sequence.

A link to the pattern or a picture of what it’s supposed to look like would be really helpful.

When you turn, you may run out of the stitches that you’ve been working with, but you can use the stitches that are still on your needle. I suspect that you’ll work yourself across the row this way.

Sue, Thanks very much. I think I have it now after reading your helpful explanation. FYI – It is a pattern from Vogue Knitting the early fall issue, pattern 22 and there is not a good picture to look at that might be helpful. Thanks again for your help. Laurie

Thanks for your reply. I think I was able to figure it out from another response. FYI, it is one of the rows for a lace jacket in Vogue Knitting the early Fall issue – pattern 22. Thanks again for your help. Laurie