Help With Devilish Yarn

[color=red][b]I wanted to make my daughter one of those eyelash scarves for Christmas as she has a couple and loves them … I have heard that it’s quite easy to knit up … when I was at this wonderful yarn shop last weekend, I saw this lovely yarn that was not quite eyelash yarn but similar (and fairly expensive for a little 50 g ball) and the man said it was easy to work with so I bought two … it’s by Schoeller Stahl and is called “Cookie” … the nearest I could find was this which looks very similar … so I got out my circular needles (8mm is what he suggested so I bought a lovely pair with swiveling ends!) and attempted … well the little fancy “nubbies” in it wouldn’t pull through the stitches with ease and undoing it was pure torture … :!!!:

Am I doing something wrong? Is that eyelash yarn any easier since I has no nubbies on it? I didn’t want to frustrate myself so I put it aside and took up some worsted and am going with a baby blanket. :teehee:


Anytime I knit with any type of novelty yarn, I strand it with something smooth (Caron Simply Soft is my first choice in this situation); it enables you to see the stitches more clearly, and I think the additional “strength” would make it easier to get those “nubbies” through the stitches.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

running screaming as far away and as fast as possible helps too! :wall:

[color=red][b]So do you mean that you take a strand of the novelty stuff and a strand of something else and knit them together? Doubling? I don’t think we have Caron here … would there be something equivalent or similar?

Screaming. Yes. Into the night. That is my Plan B.