Help with Designing Pattern

Hi there everyone,

I have just started learning again, i decided to knit a scarf, plain and simple but this image of a knee length sleevless jacket for my 5 yr old daughter just won’t quit. so i just knitted an knitted away and only now i realize umm i gotta end off!!!

I really and truly need help, i watchd a video clip of how to decrease, do i just keep on doing that till all the stitches disappear???

what do i do if i want to make that slight indent for the arms? I am not even sure if i’m making sense here. would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you

Hello beam,

It sounds like you’re jumping into knitting with both feet!

Most of us prefer to use a pattern when knitting. You’ll find lots of free patterns at

If you do decreases on every row until you run out of stitches, your knitting will end in a point, like the corner of a triangle.

If you want your knitting to end straight across, you’ll need to BIND OFF your stitches. You’ll find a video about how to do that here in the forum. (At the top of this page)

I can’t help you with the shaping around the arms. I always use knitting patterns for things like that. You’re talking about knitting DESIGN, and that’s a whole different thing.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

I do a little bit with making things without a pattern, but I don’t know if I can help you or not. Can you tell me a few things at least to help me visualize what you have done so far and what you have in mind. A knee length sleeveless jacket. That sounds like a vest type item to me. A slight indent for the arms is something you are interested in.

It sounds like you are working from the bottom up. Is that right? Are you working in pieces or in the round? How many stitches are you working with and how many stitches are you getting per inch? Did you just make it straight up from the bottom and you are now at the underarms? Jacket—so it is going to be open in the front? How big is your daughter around the chest?