Help with description of cable symbols

I’ve created an app to draw knitting charts on iPhone/iPad.
It’s been around a while and wanted to add cable symbols. But I have no idea what most of the symbols mean. I hope somebody can help me out filling the missing descriptions…
Thanks so much!!


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Your photo didn’t post. You can use the photo icon in the middle of the banner at the top of the Reply box and follow the directions. Usually charted pattern define the cable symbols.
Maybe this link will help with some of them:

Thanks for your message, let’s try again :wink:

Some of those are rather obscure symbols. I’ve worked a lot of cables and not come across the “Cable 5-17” type abbreviations before.
For the others, CN is cable needle and the description is given is the legend. For example:

Thanks, so I could actually remove all symbols which don’t have a description right now? Or is something important missing?

Up to how many stitches should I incorporate you think? Is 5 enough, or should I go up to 8?

Go up to 8. That covers most of the commonly used cables.

Ok, I can always add if somebody is missing something.
I might also add the yarn council version 1.0 symbol style…