Help with Decreasing!

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make decreasing with cotton yarn easier? I am a new knitter and have been working on various cotton dishcloth patterns. I see how many that I would like to work on, but I have a hard time with decreasing and knitting or purling anything together. I’m wondering if me being a right-hand knitting leftie has anything to do with it. It’s difficult to get my needle into two stitches to decrease or pull the yarn through said stitches.

If you are having trouble getting your right hand needle under two sts to decrease, then you probably have a tension issue. The 2 sts on your left needle are tight, because you knit them tightly, making it difficult to get your right hand needle under the two sts. Work on losinging up your knitting a little and that should help. Till then you’ll have to go slowly and muddle through. HaHa. Or try, using a smaller needle just to get the needle under the 2 sts and pull the loop through, but then you have to put that loop on the original needle or your knitting/guage will get even smaller. Yikes!

It would help to see if you’re twisting your sts as you work them, that can make them tighter. You might be wrapping them ‘backwards’ then when you knit them, they twist. Knit into the leg closest to the tip of the needle. You can also try a larger needle, that may make it easier, and a metal one if you’re using bamboo now.

Thanks for the tips. I will try loosening up my tension and see how that goes. I have tried various needles, even the nickel-plated aluminum ones and that didn’t help much. I am currently using regular aluminum ones. Plus it is only cotton yarn that I have this issue with.

Cotton can be tight. Try going up a needle size or two.