Help with decreasing

Hi everyone:
I’m working on a basic sweater pattern and have reached the point where I am decreasing. On the right side I’m working two decreases on either side. On the right side of the sweater it calls for a K2tog and then on the left side a S1 K1 psso. My only problem with this is that when I SKP there is a really loose stitch!! The decreases on the other side are practically invisible and then the other side doesn’t match. I’ve tried knitting two tog thru the back of the loops and a SSK, and still both have a loose stitch. Can someone offer some advice or help for me??

This one is hard to say without seeing your work. Here’s my shot in the dark thoughts.

These two stitches are sharing thread between them. Break the steps down.

  1. Slip one
  2. K1
  3. Pass slipped stitch over.

If you normally K1 one and then adjust the tension by pulling on your lead yarn, maybe you are not doing that between the K1 (step 2) and the PSSO (step 3) stitch? If you are not doing this, there could be extra yarn in step 2, that you can pull up into step 3 to make things loosey-goosey.

Or when you do step 3, your could be pulling it really high over the stitch and squeezing the just knitted stitch down real tight and making the psso stitch too loose.

If none of that makes sense, then write back where you have looseness developing.

Please let me know if this was helpful or if you are still stuck.

Thanks for the advice - I’ll try not pulling the slipped stitch up very hi over the knit stitch on the next row. I’m thinking this isn’t my problem, but it’s worth a shot!

I can imagine it’s hard to understand exactly what I’m explaining - unfortunately my digital camera is dead right now! I’m having a problem with the left side of the sweater - and I was initally confused since SKP is considered a left slanting decrease. It’s the slipped stitch that is passed over the knit stitch which looks loose. It doesn’t lie flat on the front of the work and almost looks like a bar over it. On the other side of the sweater the K2tog is leaving a smooth line of decreases - so it just looks really awkward.

Okay, I found a link that explains with photos what I was trying to say in a paragraph. Bottomline, it’s the nature of the beast. Left leaning decreases will never look like right leaning ones when you are in the ‘create it mode’. Once you wash, block and wear/use the piece, your right side decreases will loosen up and look less perfect and your sloppier left side will tighten up a bit too.

Thank you so much!!!

Did you see the next article in the series where the writer explains a new method of left leaning decreases? If you are up for trying something adventures, give it a go. Or at the very least, a read. :smiley:

Yes I did - I think I’m going to give it a try! I figured it doesn’t hurt!!