Help with Decrease on V-neck Sweater

The pattern says,"…working the decrease row right along the sides of the neck border on RS rows;[I] alternating every other row with every 4th row.[/I]" Not sure what this last phrase means. Does the decrease only occur on every 4th row? Thanks.

It’s going to be both every 2nd row, then every 4th row, then every other, then every 4th. So if ou were to make the first dec on row 1, the next is row 3, then row 7, row 9, row 13, row 15, row 19, etc.

I’m working in stockinette stitch. The first decrease happened on a knit row. Does this mean that every in every knit row I’ll decrease and just work the pattern on the purl row?

The decs will all be on the knit row, though not every one, every 4th row means that it’s every other knit row. And just purl on the WS rows.