Help with deciphering stitch pattern

Have you made the Two Color Termanl Knit from ‘Fiber Trends Easy Knit Baby Blankets Collection 1 #CH-23? If not, how good are your eyes? Trying to ascertain the stitch pattern used that creates the two-tone, thermal st effect.

Pic of blanket is here (scroll down, left side):


I haven’t seen/made that pattern but it looks to me like the centre is all one colour, yellow, and the border 2nd colour, cream.
The light catching on the stitch pattern is making it look 2 tone. Could be Thermal St. or something similar.
However, if you wanted to do one 2 tone there are stitches you can use.
A few here

Thanks for the links.

The FT blanket is two-tone. (My eyes weren’t totally deceiving me.) Found another version on ravelry: