Help with deciphering a vintage glove pattern

I am working this glove pattern and having trouble with the directions at row 6.

If anyone has any advice or ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!

It’s easier to do than try to explain. but I’ll give it a try.

pass the right hand needle under work and up between the 1st & 2nd dropped stitches, pass wool around needle as to purl and draw through on to right needle.

You are gathering and knittiing together the dropped made yo sts you did on rows 3 & 4 which look like a loose bars in the v shape.
You slip the right needle down and underneath the strands of yarn behind of where you previously dropped the made stitches, you do a YO and pull this back under the stitches. Then you have a new stitch on your needle. You slip that back to left needle and purl it.

pic for how it looks close up.

Thanks so much! I was confused by the “1st and 2nd dropped sts.” I was going all the way back to the 1st and 2nd rows. But your picture and directions really clarified things. Thanks again!