Help with deciding whether to frog ugly project!

OK, hopefully that got your attention! :teehee:

The project I’m referring to is Clapotis (remember when everyone was knitting one? :roll:). Well I resisted for a long time, but I saw a different shawl project the Yarn Harlot madewith some Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn (Twisted is the yarn name, colorway Puck’s Mischief)and I thought the yarn was just the most beautiful color I’d ever seen.

In real life, I don’t like the color as much as I thought I would (too much pink and green and not enough blue and purple), and I don’t know if I would ever use this if I finish it (I’m very close). I for sure don’t know anyone else (ie a friend I could gift it to) who would wear something so colorful.

Here are some pics of the yarn and the project… The 3rd pic is what I WANT the yarn to look like; but the first 2 are more color-accurate. What do you guys think? Hideous?

Any suggestions of what to do with it if I decide to frog? I could not find a project that I really felt suited this yarn. It was expensive, and I doubt anyone would want to buy it off me now that it will have been knit up and frogged once.

I have 2 hanks of it (total of 1120 yards; it’s Aran weight, 100% merino).

PS sorry for the small photos but I think KH has gotten more restrictive in photo size! Here is my Flickr page if you want to see them larger. :mrgreen:

I think it is lovely!

What about putting it up for sale or trade? You could do that on this forum and maybe on a few other sites (Ravelry?). You could also sell the remaining yarn with it or separately.

I wouldn’t frog it, though, since you don’t think you’ll use it for anything else. It’s more usable at this point as a completed shawl, which by the way, is gorgeous!!!

Besides, if you trade it, you might get some beautiful yarn that you really like.

The yarn is interesting but I see what you mean about ‘too much colour’. I was staring at it for a good long time trying to decide if it would go with a plain outfit in one of those colors, like deep blue or purple or even black. I am thinking a short sleeveless dress (mentally, I am trying it on myself) :slight_smile:

Maybe some colours are distorted by the camera but judging from this picture it’s like this yarn is trying to be cold and warm, natural and electric all at the same time. And with frequent colour changes make my eyes jump to the next splash of colour and it’s not enough time for my brain to process the colour input :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you are not happy with it. I found out that variegated yarns look more interesting in seed stich than simple stockinette… If you have a skein to make a few more swatches, maybe you could play with different stitch patterns before deciding to frog?

As far as projects go, I would aim for accessories, still. I don’t know how the swaps go but maybe indeed someone would find it more useful as a shawl and exchange for some yarn of the same quality?

Good luck and keep us posted.

The feature of Clapotis is that it breaks up the colors with the dropped stitches, so it may not look as ‘busy’ as plain stockinette. This works better with self striping yarns that have longer color changes, but isn’t that bad with variegated. I think Shawl that Jazz isn’t so hot with the yarn, especially in garter stitch. You can do it in stockinette too, just knit the first 6 rows in garter, then stockinette and the ruffles in garter or stockinette. I made one in st st with Joann’s rainbow boucle in a cream/caramel color and it looks great; it also has longer color changes.

I think it’s pretty, but probably wouldn’t be colors I would choose. No family members you can gift it to? Someone in your office who saw you knitting and drooled over it? :lol:

Gift or swap it!! It may not be your colorway but someone else might LOVE it.

Beautiful colors! I can see it on a 20-something youngster, if you have one you can gift it to…

Do you have a photo of your shawl? I’d love to see it…

I think part of the problem is that I made the Clapotis too big. I wanted a big wrap, not a scarf, but I think this yarn would look better in smaller doses. :rofl:

Since I am so close to being done, it won’t hurt to just finish the Clap and see how it really looks when it’s all done. If I truly won’t wear it, then maybe I can use the 2 skeins separately for smaller scarves and give at least one away.

I can do some swatching and see which stitch patterns make the nicest fabric. I’ll try seed stitch, linen stitch, garter, and… (although I generally am not a fan of garter). I think the yarn actually does look quite a bit less busy in stockinette - the dropped stitches add to the busy-ness.

I love colorful yarn but I need to remember that I usually wear neutral solids, not something that looks like unicorn puke. I should save those wild colors for socks! I just don’t like the idea of this yarn languishing in my stash. I generally like to buy something for a specific reason and then use it.

. I should save those wild colors for socks!
I was just thinking, socks! LOL

It is pretty. It is very busy. I like it but would probably not like to wear it. I understand your POV. Gift or frog for socks, maybe mitts.

I don’t have one, and am not sure where the shawl is at the moment. But it’ll come to light as I expect to move in the next couple weeks and I’ll get a picture with the phone and post it to ravelry.

I don’t care for garter stitch with variegated yarn, it looks better in a solid or heather color I think.

to laikabear – you are funny! :slight_smile:

I have to say…I agree with Antares. Read below:

I wouldn’t frog it, though, since you don’t think you’ll use it for anything else. It’s more usable at this point as a completed shawl, which by the way, is gorgeous!!!

The yarn is gorgeous, however, I know whatcha mean! I’ve been in a similar situation. I didn’t frog the sweater. I wore it a couple time, but was never elated with how the colorway worked out. I thought it would be more dark blue/and/azure blue…but instead, the tans were more dominant. Oy!

I gave it to a girlfriend who is ecstatic! :cheering:

Because I’m attracted to color like a parrot is attracted to a mirror, I have bought many, many busy, overly excited colorways that I don’t really like once they are knitted up.

The best way I have discovered to resolve the issue by what I call a “yarn marriage”: knitting with 2 strands held together as though they are one. I use one plain yarn and my busy yarn. (in your case, a nice medium grey would calm down the rest of the colors and make it look more like a tweed with pretty flecks.) The plain yarn calms down the overly excited yarn!

Yes, this makes the twin yarn a larger weight. If you are using two fingering weight yarns, you’ll get something very close to a worsted weight in the end. And yes, you’ll have to find a different project to use your married yarns on, because now the gauge is off. But it spares the yarn from being scrapheaped and you’ll likely wind up with a project you love and will enjoy wearing rather than one you won’t give two hoots about in a month.

This may be the best advice yet! I got to the point where I realized I was really, really not going to wear that busy shawl/ wrap, and I put the yarn and project (still on the needles) away in my stash. I think this weekend I will actually frog it, and when I am ready, try knitting a few swatches in different stitch patterns AND with a carried along yarn husband :rofl: to see what looks best. I could easily get 2 scarves out of that much yarn, maybe three.

Thanks for all the advice, everyone!