help with Debbie Bliss Tank Top pattern

I bought a Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran Tank Top pattern. I have only knit shawls, hats, and scarves so far. I just don’t understand some of her instructions and don’t want to give up before I even start. I know it is a 4 row pattern. In the shape neck section, it says:
Patt 28, turn and work on these stitches only for first side of back neck, leave rem on holder. I just don’t understand any of this. I am hoping someone could give me a complete explanation for this.


Often these sort on instructions make more sense when you have the knitting on the needles.

There is a point where the width of the top needs shaping for the neck hole so rather than work across the full width of fabric you just work part of it, it makes this section long enough to reach up the shoulder whilst also producing a nice gap for the neck.

First one side is worked, leaving all the other stitches on a holder or scrap yarn (just slip them all pirlwise onto the holder or thread yarn into a needle and pass each stitch onto the yarn. Knot the yarn in a big loop so the stitches can’t fall off.

The stitches you work, the 28 you mention. You follow the set pattern for 28 stitches and stop. At this point you remove the remainder stitches onto a holder. Then you have 28 on the right needle, you turn as though as the end of the row and work back, in pattern, turn at the end and continue following the pattern.

Later on when this side is finished you will rejoin the yarn to the other side and work that side the same way.

Honestly it makes more sense when you have it in front of you. But you can ask when you get to it too.
Congratulations on choosing your first top pattern!
(I’ve never made a shawl or hat)

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Thank you so very much for taking the time for very informative information. You definitely encouraged me to work it.


You’re welcome.
I hope you’ll try it out (and one day when I have the courage to try out a hat maybe you’ll help me! :wink: )

Hats are so much easier. Of course I would be pleased to help.

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