Help with Debbie Bliss Shawl Collar Jacket

Hi I was wondering if anybody could explain part of this pattern to me. It tells me to work in p1, k1 rib.

It says;
Next 2 rows - Rib 14, turn, rib to end
Next 2 rows - Rib 16, turn, rib to end
Next 2 rows - Rib 18, turn, rib to end
Continue in this way and work 2 extra stitches on every alt row until the foll rows have been worked
Next 2 rows - Rib 40, turn, rib to end

Does this mean that rib 14 is 1 row and rib to end is 2nd row? Or to complete that as 1 row twice?

I hope this makes sense.


These are short rows. You won’t be working all the sts on these rows. So the initial “Rib 14” is one row and the “rib to end” is row 2.