Help with Debbie Bliss Pattern

I am currently knitting “Estela” in Debbie Bliss

I’ve got 192 sts

1st row (right side) K42, [p1,C3b,yo,p2tog,C3F,p1,k39] 3 times, k3
2nd row k4, p38 ;k1,p3,yo,p2tog,p3,k1,p39] twice, k1,p3,yo,p2tog,p3k1,k38,k4

These 2 rows form panels of st st with cables and faggoting between and k4 at each end on every row for vent edgings. Patt 12 more rows.

I’ve done all of the above knitting 14 rows of this.

But I’m now having trouble with the rest the next part of the pattern reads as follows:

1st dec row (right side) k6,k2tog,k30,skpo,k2 [patt 10, k2, k2tog,k31,skpo,k2] twice, patt10, k2, k2tog,k30,skpo,k6. 184 sts

Patt 9 rows

2nd dec row k6,k2tog,k28,skpo,k2, [patt 10, k2, k2tog, k39, skpo, k2] twice, patt 10, k2, k2tog, k28, skpo, k6. 176 sts

Patt 9 rows.

3rd dec row k6, k2tog, k26, skpo, k2, [patt 10, k2, k2tog, k27, skpo, k2] twice, patt 10 k2, k2tog, k26, skpo, k6. 168 sts.

Patt 9 rows.

Cont to dec as before on next row and 4 foll 10th rows, so ending with the 8th dec row. 128 sts.

Patt 3 rows.

I understand that patt 10 will be the cabling in the 1st row, do I just use the dec to replace the original 1st row 9 times in each case and in turn (dec row 1 x 9 then dec row 2 x 9) or do I use the dec rows once each (dec 1 once then dec 2 once etc)?? I think that I’ve got to keep the purl row in otherwise I lost the st st pattern, but I’m a bit new to reading patterns and the other ones I have done don’t read anything like this!


I don’t understand your question. :hug: Would you like to try again to explain what you mean?