Help with Debbie Bliss "Off Duty Vest"

Here’s a question on behalf of my 91 year old mother. She can’t figure out part of this pattern and neither can I.

The Off Duty Vest appears in Sublime #654.

She is working on the back. You cast on 120 stitches and work on these without increasing or decreasing until you get to shaping the shoulder. Earlier, at the armhole edge, you start a little pattern by k5, p1, knit to the last 6 stitches, then p1, k5. Purl the next row. She has finished the 28 repeats of the 2 row pattern.

The pattern says at this point that the back should be 22.5 inches ACROSS. Why is it telling us to measure across when there have been no increases or decreases? We have measured everything and it is neither 22.5 inches across OR long.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hmmm. That’s a stumper.

What is the width of the vest supposed to be?
What is the chest circumference supposed to be?
Based on guage what width was 120 CO sts supposed to get you?

Just looking for numbers that might fill in the blank.

Ultimately, if your mother has had no problems following the pattern to this point and things seem to be going smoothly, I would just keep going.

What’s the gauge supposed to be - what do you do next? I agree that it’s an unusual instruction. Have you checked the pattern on Ravelry to see if there’s any errata?

Thank you Suzeeq and Rochester. I don’t have the pattern here with me, but my mother is about 32" around so the back should not be 20+ inches. I have checked ravelry and elsewhere for errata. I think we will just start shaping the shoulder. Thank you both!

how frustrating - please keep us informed of the outcome.