Help with Debbie Bliss Garter Stitch Jacket

Please help. In the ‘make a pocket opening’, it says to k 6, k next 17 stitches and slip these stitches onto a holder (so far so good).
My question: Do I use the yarn from those 17 stitches which are now on the holder to continue to knit the remaining stitches?
It asks me to cast off after knitting some more. Do I also cast off those stitches on the holder?

Welcome to KH!
Maybe this pattern?

Make pocket opening
Next row K6(7:8), k next 17 sts
and slip these sts onto a holder,
k rem 6(7:8) sts.
Next row K6(7:8), cast on 17 sts,
k rem 6(7:8) sts.

You can use the yarn end from the sts that were knit and then placed on hold to continue knitting the body of the jacket. The next row has you cast on sts in place of the held sts. You won’t cast off for another 25 rows. Don’t cast off the held sts. They are worked when you get to the pocket lining.

Yes, that’s that pattern! Thank you so much, that really helps. Emoji

Hi there, was just wondering if I could borrow your wisdom one more time…(I hope). Gosh. I did think I was a better knitter than I am discovering!
In pattern as before for Debbie Bliss’ garter stitch jacket I am confused with the shaping.
Under ‘shape neck’ - ‘inc one stitch at neck edge on next 6 rows’

  • but every other row is not at the neck?
    Then, following on, ‘shape sleeve’:
  • Do I cast off 18 stitches at sleeve end ?
    Sorry to be so dim

Debbie Bliss patterns aren’t always the easiest to follow. I would use the schematic as a guide as much as possible.

The increases for the neck should be on every row whenever you get to the neck edge. You’ll be increasing at the end of a row, turning and increasing at the beginning of the next row, all at the neck edge.
Yes, cast off the sts for the sleeve beginning at the cuff end. You’ll be shaping the sleeve and narrowing down the sweater body so that the fronts match up to the back when seamed.

It’s an unusual construction but you’re almost there. Both were good questions.

You are very kind , helping me to feel I am not going mad!

It’s all making sense, and as is often the way, as soon as you ask a question, you realise that maybe you know the answer! Thank you for being there, your help is invaluable.



I know just what you mean. Sometimes saying out loud or typing it out seems to shed light! Enjoy finishing.