Help with Debbie Bliss Berwick Sweater

Hello Knitters.

I’ve decided to graduate from knitting scarfs and taking the plunge to knit a sweater! I hope to finish it at least before next winter… but let’s see.

I am having trouble with the sleeves. I’ve knitted the rib cuff and am about to start increasing but would be greatful for some guidance.

The pattern says to:
Incr 1 st at each end of 3rd and 1(1:12:20:20) foll 6th rows, then on every foll 8th(8th:8th:-:slight_smile:

I’m doing the largest size.

I can get as far as increasing each end of the third row (in pattern) but the contents in the brackets, have got me baffled.

Do I increase at each end on the 3rd 6th and 8th row for 20 rows?

Any advice humbly appreciated.

Thanks :yarn:

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Welcome to KH!
Good for you for pressing on to something new. These things get easier as you work more patterns.
Increase at each end of row 3 and the rows 9,15,21,27,33,39,45 and so on up to row 123 (that’ll be 20 more increases after row 3) then increase every 8th row until you reach the given number of repeats or sts. So that’ll start rows 131,139,147,155 etc.

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SalmonMac - Thank you for your rapid response! I’m glad I checked!! … no doubt I’ll be back.

Thought I’d tackle the sleeves first before the body which has cables to join - that’s going to be an interesting challenge.

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