Help with Debbie Bliss Baseball Jacket pattern

I am stuck on a part of the pattern for the left front. The instructions say:

1st rib row K0(1:0:1:0:1),p1,[k1,p1] to end

2nd rib row K1,[p1,k1] to last 0(1:0:1:01) st

I am knitted the 9-12 months with is the first 0 in the ().
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Stepher, I would read that as
First row - P1, K1 to end
Second row - K1, P1 to end

If it says K0 then start with the next stitch, which is P1.

Hope this helps :sunglasses: x

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Thank you so much!!! That makes perfect sense now. I really appreciate your advice, help .

Thank you again

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