Help with Debbi Bliss Basket Weave Jacket

I am confused with the directions of this pattern. The pattern calls for a 10 row repeat for the body but only two for the sleeves. The pattern for the sleeves are as follows; Row 1 k4p4 for 32 stitches. Row 2 purl. These two rows set the pattern. Cont in pattern to match Back, inc one at each end of 5th row and every following 4th row until there are 56 sts, working inc sts into pattern.

My questions are; since you do not change the knit rows to the purl rows at some point how do you achieve a basket weave pattern? since you begin with a knit and end with a purl what should the increases be? a knit or purl?

I would appreciate any help.


This is answered in your other post.