Help with curling edges

Thanks so much for the amazing site- it’s helped this new knitter so much with a blanket - but, now that it’s done, I’ve found that my edges are curling inward (I didn’t realize that I needed to knit the edge stitches differently to ensure that the blanket lays flat)

The blanket is simple: knit 1 row, purl 1 row, in wool ease chunky. Is there any stitch, handstitch, or other that I can add to the edges to discourage the rolling? I don’t want to add much more to the size if I don’t have to - it’s queen size already (yikes!)

Please help - anything is appreciated


I think you can pick up your edges and do a few rows of garter stitch (knitting each row) and this should help stop that curling.

That’s a good tip foldedbird!

It might be a bit heavy and take a long time on such a big blanket! But two or three rows of garter is a great way to keep edges straight.

Have you blocked the blanket yet? That might help as well.

What about crocheting an edge around the blanket?


What is “blocking” anyway? I’ve come across this numerous times, and have no idea what it means…LOL! Thanks :smiley:

Blocking is where you take the finished product and smooth out all of the bumps and lumps in it, I think by dampening and laying out flat. That way, when you’re finished, your sweater hangs right and both the sleeves are the same length and all that.l
Question --> is it necessary to block things that aren’t garments? And Should you block the sections, then sew together, or sew together and block the whole thing?

Hi guys,

Well blocking is just a way to ‘set’ your knitting so that it keeps its shape.

You can block by laying flat, pinning the item to size and dampening with water. You can also immerse it in soapy water, rinse and roll in a towel to squeeze out water, then lay flat and pin to shape and size on a clean dry towel.

I block things like garments, but would also block scarves and blankets. I would definately block my cable knitting (I didn’t block the Irish Hiking Scarf and I most assuredly should have!).

It can be time consuming but I think worth it in most cases. Will be blocking my baby blanket today in fact! Might post the process on my blog.

Anyway, hope that helps!

Oh Hildegard, I would generally sew things together and then block.