Help with crochet round rag rug

Hi all!
I am currently crocheting a rag rug and my corcle keeps curling up like on the photos. I have recounted and I increased all evenly by 6 stitches every row. My tention is usually very consistent. I dont know what to do! I dont mind starting over but only if necessary!
Thanks !!

ZWelcome to KnittingHelp!
It looks like increasing 6sts on a round isn’t enough. If you’re increasing every other round or every 4 th round, then you may have to increase every round.
One thing you might try is blocking the rug right now. See if the yarn relaxes and evens out the bumps.
What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or the pattern name?

ETA I just showed this to a crochet friend who also suggested that perhaps the tension on the black yarn is perhaps too tight.