Help with crochet pattern


I purchased the hour glass. I am a beginner. it says this pattern is worked from the top down. Do I start where it says instructions (back (ch 73) and follow the pattern right along going next to armhole shaping then to left front then neckline then right front etc.

In the instructions I assume I start here, I would chain 73 (small) then sc chain into the back hump. then I would start the BP pattern for the 72 stitches, I would do 3 rows of the BP. then I get a little lost what would I do after that/

Pattern reads dc rows 72 lps/sts ; 18 broomstick clusters?

see the full pattern instructions below

[B][Pattern Removed by Moderator due to copyright violations[/B]
[B]Please DO NOT repost a pattern in its entirety, ever. Especially a purchased pattern.][/B]

Thank you for your help

I apologize that I had to remove the pattern, which makes it difficult to answer your question. However, posting a purchased pattern is against copyright rules as well as the guidelines of

Please note the copyright remarks on the pattern:
[I]Copyright ©2008 Stitch Diva Studios, all rights reserved. No pattern or other material may be reproduced or distributed — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying — without written permission of Stitch Diva Studios.[/I]

You can repost small portions of the pattern where you have a specific question, but keep it to the absolute minimal and necessary parts only.

I suggest that you take the pattern to your local yarn shop, or a crocheting friend and ask for help personally so that they can read the pattern, help you, then give the pattern back to you. Or contact the Stitch Diva herself at

Thanks for understanding, and please, no hard feelings! Everyone makes mistakes. :hug:

oop’s sorry