Help with crochet pattern please?

Still learning to read crochet patterns, pattern is here -

When they say work into the left/right of the V, is this what they mean?

Holy cow… you’re still learning and you’re doing this? Very pretty! Sorry I don’t crochet, but I know others do so good luck!

Ha! I like jumping in at the deep end :laughing:

I love this pattern.
As I understand it the V is the dc in between your 2 arrows. It has a left and right arm For that particular row however, you don’t want the V between your arrows you want the next one to the right. That way your scales will stagger instead of aligning.

@salmonmac yes I see now, the scale on the needle is only half finished. So you go to the left and right of the ‘arm’ (?) or chain?

I think you’re going into the left and right arm of the dc.

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To me yes, if it says left or right of the V, to me those spaces would be left and right of V made up of a chain stitch, unless it says into the DC stitch then it would be into the post made up of the DC. When I look at the whole pattern and the arrows, it should say if it is the space or DC. and if you are working on one of the scales as they call them you would be working the right on one scale and the left of another to make them stagger. Sorry, I am new at this and keep editing trying to make it clearer although may still be clear as mud. LOL.

@shaverg no worries I get what you mean, thank you x