Help with crochet afghan

The pattern requires granny square. When on round three it has you ch4 for first tr, in same ch2 work 2tr, ch3 and 3tr, *ch1, 3dc in next ch2, ch1, in next ch2 work 3dc, ch3 and 3dc for corner; 2 times more, end ch1, 3dc in next ch2, ch1, join and fasten off.
My question is: do I put six tr in on ch2 for a corner and the rest is done in dc all the way around OR is there a typo in pattern. Is this something that is usually done (making tr crochets and then changing to dc for the rest of square) to add length or something?
I’m just not sure if I am reading the pattern correctly.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

I’ve seen it done that way, though it does tend to make the corners stick out a lot. Most of the time, it’s dc all the way. I have worked a triple just at the very corner with the other two stitches in the groups as dc.

Do one square that way and see whether you like the look. The way the squares are joined in that particular pattern may lend itself better to the longer, pointier corners.

Thanks for responding. I’m trying it that way and will see what happens. glad to hear other patterns are written that way. I really thought maybe there was a typo.
Thanks again!!