Help with cozy throw pattern

Here’s the Problem. I am knitting this cozy throw which says : cast on 12 stitches, knit 24 rows, increasing section: cast on 12 stitches, k to end. Next row, cast on 12 stitches, k12, p12, k12. row 1: knit. row 2: k12, p12, k12. rep rows 1 and 2 11 more times. Cast on 12 stitches at beg of next row and knit to end. Cast on 12 beg of next row, k12, p12,k12,p12 k12. There should be five 12 stitch blocks across. continue in established pattern. Question: Do I then knit row 1, k12, p12, k12 p12, k12 for row 2; then repeat 11 more times? Also it says to repeat increasing sequence until 9 blocks across have been completed. What does this mean? Do i keep adding two more rows of 12 until this is accomplished? Please help. Note: Throw is made alternating 12 stitch blocksof garter stitch an stockingnette stitch. throw is worked diagnally from 1 corner to the opposite corner. starting with 1 block and increasing to nine blocks at the widest point, then decreasing back down to 1 block. can you also help with this part. decreasing section: Bind off 12 stitches at beg of next rs row and knit to end Bind off 12 stitchesand continue pattern? continue in established pattern until there are 12 rows of garter stitch ridges on the right side. Repeat decrease pattern by binding of 12 stitchesat beg of next two rows. continue in pattern?. Decrease until one block remains bind off when 12 garter stitches on right side has been completed. I know this long, but I really want to make this for my moms birthday. Approx. size is 56" square. Thanks in advance.

It sounds like a basketweave, so you’d continue in that pattern. Every time you add stitches to the edges, you switch and do the opposite to the previous block. Row 1 is the RS row and will give you stockinette, so mark a stitch on that side and you’ll know that when you are on that side, all stitches are knit. The other row has the alternating k12, p12.

“Also it says to repeat increasing sequence until 9 blocks across have been completed.”

That means, every 24 rows add 2 more blocks (co 12) until you have 9 blocks, or 108 sts.

For the decrease section, it would be the opposite of what you did to inc. BO 12 sts at the beginning of 2 rows and knit the rest of the sts in patterns. Knit 24 rows and BO 12 2 more times, etch until you have 1 block left. Knit that 24 rows and BO.