Help with continuity of lace panel

Help please - I am trying to do the sleeves on this baby cardigan- Sirdar 4740.
I am having such trouble keeping the continuity of the lace pattern up the centre of the sleeve.
The pattern is a 12 row repeat and on the first set the increases are on rows 7 and 11, then going forward from that it is on row 3 and then every following 6th row. I just can’t work out how many stitches to knit for each row before I do the k2tog, yfwd as I increase (hope this all makes sense)
Is there some simple formula to this that someone could help me with? I could knit them plain but hate to be beaten! Now my brain hurts!!
Any advice would be so welcome- thank you x

This pattern?
It’s very pretty.

I would either
Write the row numbers on a paper with a colum for stitch count and a column to mark off which are the increase rows. This way you can see where the increases are and how many stitches there should be before and after the lace panel. You can also check the stitch count each row.
Place some markers either side of the lace panel and/or in the centre stitch of the lace panel. These will guide you as to where to series of lace stitches are to happen on every row regardless of how many stitches there are either side in the plain stocking stitch sections.
If you don’t have some needle or stitch markers you can make some with a loop of yarn in a contrasting colour. As you come to the marker just slip it from one needle to the other so they are always in place marking the panel right the way up the sleeve. (As the lace panel zigs in and out some of the stitches between the markers will at times be plain knit but the lace panel itself will be a consistent width)

It depends on how you like to work and which method makes more sense to you.

If this isn’t enough to help you get on track with it, please say so.

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Hello yes - that’s the pattern.
Why ever didn’t I think of stitch markers!! Thank you so much - what a brilliant idea.
I have frogged this sleeve so many times already - I’ll give stitch markers a go tonight and if that fails (I’m sure it won’t - then I’ll try writing down the stitches and increases.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me - have a great day

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Some times we just need the chance to communicate with others don’t we? That’s why this place is so great.

Hope it goes well for you, but don’t hesitate to ask again if you’re still stuck. I got stuck for days on end with a lace panel a little while back and had so much help here… turned out I kept counting to 3 instead of 4 - ha ha - I got there in the end.

Like Creations has said, I use stitch markers either end of the piece, placing them well away from the section with the decreases, and just work forwards or backwards from the stitch marker as appropriate