Help with confusing Hat Pattern!

Hi, I am attempting to make the running ponytail hat by Chantal Boucher on Ravelry, but I am afraid to start it because there is a part of the pattern that I just don’t understand. Can someone help decipher?

Join back in the round: overlap the first 3
sts and the last 3 sts – use the cable
needle and slip 3 sts- and work K2tog
with alternate positions.

That is the row that comes after a hole you make in the hat for the ponytail to go through.

Please help!!

You’re going to join the sts to knit in the round again. Instead of knitting the last stitch of the row and joining it to the first stitch of the row, you’re going to overlap 3sts from each end.
Slip the last 3sts of the row to a cable needle or a dpn. Overlap these sts with the first 3sts of the row which are on the left hand needle. Now k2tog three times. (It’s a bit like 3 needle bind off except you don’t bind the sts off, just k2tog). Then continue the round.

Thanks for responding so soon!! But I guess I should’ve specified…what does overlapping 3 stitches mean? How do I do that?

Hold the 3sts on the cable needle in front of the first 3sts of the row. This is like holding sts for 3 needle bind off. See this video just to see sts held in front of another set of sts.

With the hat you’re making you won’t want the bind off part.

Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for explaining this to me!!