Help With Complicated Cable, Please

I’m knitting the Gray Rustic Celtic scarf from KNIT PONCHOS, WRAPS, & SCARVES by Jane Davis, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the cable instructions. I am using two strands of yarn counting as one.

The instructions are:

*For 2lx4: 2 sts to cable needles in front, 2 stitches to cable needles in back, k2, p2 from cable needles in back, k2 from cable needles in front.

I have no how to do this. Can someone please clue me in? :slight_smile:


:wall: Toni

Put 2 sts on cn and hold to front, then next 2 sts on cn and hold to back. K2 from the L needle, p2 from the cn in the back and k2 from the cn in front.