Help with combined knitting

I was just practicing the combined knitting method. I find it a lot easier when doing ribbing. What I want to know is this…if I do the ribbine using the combined knitting method, can I switch to the regular method when I come to the stockinette stitch part or do I have to continue with this through the whole body of the sweater?
Has anyone used this method? What are the pros and cons? I don’t want to do all those rows of ribbing only to have to continue this method the whole way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You may get a little different gauge, but ribbing has a different gauge than stockinette anyway. It probably would work out just fine.


I’ve had a harder time with combined knitting for things like ribbing. Where I find it MOST useful is when I’m knitting flat and I want to make sure my purl stitches aren’t too loose and give me striping. When I combined knit, I get a slightly tighter gauge overall. When I knit in the round I knit in the traditional way, and my gauge is looser than my combined knitting.

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