Help with colour

Hey guys i am knitting a sweater for my daughter , first ever ! :slight_smile: daughter and sweater that is .
my question is that in the pattern it has a star on the front but on the first row it has k3 in A k1 in B and then k22 in A.
I am just wondering with a chart with that many sts in between th color do i use the same yarn or 2 different strands of B ?
and if ido use the same strand of B do i just stretch it across the wrong side to each st??

With something like a star you probably want to use intarsia. There is probably a video about that on this site, maybe under advanced techniques (don’t let that scare you). Intarsia is easiest performed flat, working back and forth. You use a separate bit of yarn for each of the places, introducing them as you need to and working across one color to the use of the next one, dropping the first color and picking up the second one. Then you reverse the process on the way back. The main trick to be observed is to pick up the new color from under the old one at each change to kind of intertwine them, if you don’t you will be knitting separate sections that are not connected at all, thereby making slits/holes all over the place.

thanks i will google that now, i tried to google colourwork but it only had ones that were patterns not picture type things

There is a video for it under advanced techniques.