Help with collar? "Sadie", Berroco


I’m stuck and frustrated!
This is the pattern I’m working on:

I’ve been making this cardigan and I tried making the collar already but it looked completely wrong. After placing markers and doing increases, it says Row 5 p to end, row 6 k to end, and then work 6 rows reverse St St. It just didn’t look right when I did it, it looked like it wasn’t going to turn into the same shape as in the pattern photo.

Am I supposed to keep turning at the place where I turned for that short row, or work all sts as I did the first time? I just cannot see how it will look like the photo in the end!

If anyone has or knows of photos of the collar pieces before the cardigan has been sewn up, that’d really help, because I have no idea if what I’m doing is right!!


You may have to knit on with more rows of the pattern in order to see the shape. Make sure that you’re doing 4 increases on each repeat of row 3…
The short rows are repeated after 6 rows reverse st st. Each time you repeat row 1, add on 4sts before the turn.

Some of the Ravelry projects show the collar a bit better but I didn’t see any that showed the unassembled pieces.

Hi, i’m getting ready to,start the collar and would love to hear how you resolved your querry. How did it turn out? The buttonhole band was a chore for me and I now must use some much smaller buttons. Thanks


We haven’t heard from @withoutabix in a couple of years but maybe tagging will help. It certainly would have been helpful to have a schematic for the collar.

Follow the row by row instructions and you should be ok. It may help to write out the row repeats indicated at the end of left collar instructions.