Help with Coat Cape Pattern!

I am an experienced knitter and this pattern has me stumped. I downloaded the Coat Cape Pattern from Ravelry and can’t figure out the pattern stitch. Any help would be appreciated! This is the link to the pattern…

Hi and welcome!
There are several coat cape patterns listed on Ravelry. Can you give us a link to the one you’re doing or the designer name?

I added the link to my original message but here it is again…

Thanks for the link. Lovely jacket.
I’ll have to try this when I get home and can try it on some needles.
I wonder if it would be easier to slip the first st purlwise to the right needle, knit the second stitch and then slip the first stich over the second and back to the left needle. Finally knit that stitch through the back loop.

*With yarn in back insert needle (as if to P.) in the first St., K. the second St. through the first St., slip the second St. off the needle, then K. in back of the first St. (crossing the 2 Sts.), repeat from * across in this manner

Thank you so much for your help. I was thinking the same thing!

Oh good. Yes, that seems to work. Enjoy knitting the jacket.

Just because I found it and remembered this thread (and found it!) and it might be of interest, here’s a link to a video showing this technique in a bind off. I think when I try the bind off I’ll do it the way suggested here if possible.

Icelandic Bind Off

I knew I’d seen this somewhere and it was this video.

Thanks, GG. I had never seen that bind off and it looks like a nice stretchy one. The beginning is similar to the pattern stitch in the coat-cape.

I found another of oftroy’s videos. I think on the page where I found the video listed she said it’s the same as the Icelandic bind off but worked differently. It’s worked the way you suggested and the OP said worked for reordering those stitches. Out of Order Bind Off

Dear madam,

I saw on this website you made the coat cape. I am working on it now to (I found the pattern on the ‘purple kitty’ website free vintage knitting).

I knitted all the parts, and that went well but now I need to sew the parts together. I read the instructions but thy don’t really fit together. I don’t think I did something rond during the knitting, I checked it over and over again.

Did you succeed to finish it? Can you maybe help me?

Thank you,
Elena Vanden Abeele