Help with clearing up advanced pattern!

Okay, it may not be [I]advanced[/I], but I just finished a teacosy with which i got the hang of increasing and decreasing, so this is gonna be a new challenge I wanna get right! I can’t post links yet, but if you need to see the pattern it’s the first result when you google “aran afghan matching pillow”

So, on the cable panel, I cast on 49 sts, and it says my first row will be the wrong side (always confusses me) - I knit my stitches on, so does that mean I knit a row so that it’s the wrong side I’m knitting the pattern’s first row on?

Under “Top and Bottom Edging” it says “With circular needle and right side facing” - does it mean facing me? I’d be picking up the stitches from right to left (this is what I’ve seen all the tutorials do) so wouldn’t I be then knitting the “wrong” side? Or does that simply mean that I should pick them up left to right? I appreciate all your help! Thanks!

Whatever cast on you use, it just means the first row after that is designated as the WS. Follow the instructions for that row.

When you pick up sts you want the RS facing you. That’s because you ‘knit’ into the sts on the edge so the WS rows need to be on the other side. Pretend that the edge you pick up from is your left needle and you ‘knit’ the sts from it as if you were knitting another row, which is going from right to left. Pick up is when you put the R needle into a stitch, knit is when you wrap the yarn around the needle.

If it helps place a safety pin on the RS of the work. After you’ve done a bit it probably won’t be a problem, but having that pin there is helpful at first.

Here’s a link to the video page with picking up stitches.

I’d started to watch that, but click off cos I didn’t think she was gonna show it from the cast-off edge:aww:
I can’t actually start yet cos the yarn hasn’t been delivered, so I think I’ve just been moping over my pattern, dying to get it started! It makes sense in my head though. Thanks for both of ye’re help! :muah:

Take some leftover yarn and knit the pattern stitch for a little, then cast off and practice picking up sts.