Help with circulars

I’m knitting something that requires me to knit with 2 different size circulars but I dont understand how you can go from knitting in the round on a size 8 circular and then transfer the work to a size 6 circular.?:??? How can you transfer your work to a different sized needle if it is already in the round? Maybe I’m just a little dense when it comes to knitting with them but I just can’t figure it out. HELP PLEASE!!! :hair:

Put a cap or rubber band on the other needle if you need to to keep the stitches from falling off and just start knitting with the new one. They will all knit on and be in the round just like they are now.

Oh…gotcha! That seemed easy enough! Guess I just couldn’t picture it in my head but you just made something click! Thank you Jan in CA!!! :yay:

:thumbsup: You’re welcome!