Help with circular needles

How do you switch to circular needles when pattern calls for straight. The pattern gives you directions to cast on for front work that, then cast on for the back and work that. How would I use circular needles instead?
Thank you!!! I’m knitting a bunting for a baby. :slight_smile:

I think this is the same question I tried to answer in another thread?

I posted to How to Questions first, then thought I should have posted it in General Knitting, but couldn’t figure out how to delete the thread. Do you know how?
Sorry, my pattern is from a book. Maybe, thats why I’m confused. Could I just work the front with the circular needles same as if they were straight? and then do the back the same way. Does it really matter that they are circular and not straight when this way?

NP I’m sure.
If you want to delete a post, click edit on that post, then Go Advanced and you should be able to find the options to let you do it.

You can always use circulars in place of straight needles if you want to. In fact, I know quite a few people who prefer to use circulars all the time!!!

Just remember to go back and forth with them, instead of around and around.